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From the most remote corners of the Earth comes the fuel that makes modern life possible.

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Let’s build the future with innovation

Through our project divisions, we strive to ensure that the superior support services and quality technological products we supply satisfy the exact specific requirements of our customers.

Our Latest Project

In collaboration with strategic partners we are investing our energy to address waste management challenges, by deploying recycling-chain and waste-to-energy solutions. Our waste as a resource solutions thus help to eliminate landfills which are harmful and detrimental to our society.

Solar Investment

Every day, without fail, nature provides us with enough sunlight that can easily be converted into reliable and maintenance-free renewable energy. It is really in everybody’s interest to power up and take advantage of this free and clean energy.

Besides helping to reduce environment pollution and fuel costs, solar renewable energy is sure to maximise on savings, providing a better return on investment.

Through this division we are cooperating in the strategic development efforts for solar energy projects with reputable and prominent international manufacturing companies to supply premium quality and affordable solutions.

Energy Investment

Through this division our qualified technical teams are able to provide flexible and reliable support services to manage a wide spectrum of project solutions, customized to suit client specific requirements in the following sectors:

engineering & industrial
ict & data management
scientific & laboratory
technical education
environment & water
petrochemical oil & gas

We are committed to supply quality technological products through strategic business partnerships established in cooperation with reputable and prominent international manufacturing companies.

Unconventional Gas

Through this division we are cooperating with Global Groups in the strategic development efforts for large-scale energy-from-waste and recycling-chain projects, striving to eliminate landfills which are harmful and detrimental to our society.

Our Partners are well-diversified multinational groups with core businesses in project management, engineering, manufacturing and construction for recycling, renewable energy, power, utilities, refining and petrochemical industries.

These embark on strategic initiatives within the recycling and renewable energy sector as project owners and developers, with a view to develop long term recurring income and sustainable growth.

Our business relationships include collaborating on solutions that have been identified as real opportunities to demonstrate sustainable environmental leadership while creating an engine for new 21st century jobs and circular economy growth.

Oil & Gas

Antilles Oil & Gas is targeting investment opportunities across in the oil and gas sector with attractive risk reward profiles such as proven nature of reserves, level of historic investment, established infrastructure and route to early cash flow.

Reinforcement Systems

With a focus on West Africa and a quality oil producing asset offshore , Antilles is an oil and gas investing company with an aggressive growth strategy to increase shareholder value by acquiring undervalued 2P reserves without the risks associated with high cost exploration. We evaluate investments at various stages of the production cycle focused on appraisal, development and producing assets where the risk factor is significantly reduced.

Power Generation

We continually look for opportunities to refresh key management positions to ensure that the Company has the team in place to deliver on its high growth strategy.

Preserve and conserve

A Vital Energy Resource For A Better Tomorrow

Collectively, our team has advised on and developed a wide range of energy infrastructure projects and understands the issues and challenges that need to be addressed in successfully completing robust, integrated projects.

News & Insight

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the solar panels

Antilles signs MOU with Egypt on methane management

Cairo, February 21, 2023 – Antilles Oil & Gas and the Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources (MOPMR) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to share best practices and expertise related to the reduction of methane emissions.

Gas industry

Antilles Oil & Gas and fab foundation announce global STEM educator fellowship

San Ramon, CA., February 16, 2023 – Antilles Oil & Gas Corporation (NYSE: CVX) and the Fab Foundation today announced the first recipients of an all-new fellowship program that supports STEM educators across the world. The Antilles Oil & Gas Fab STEM Fellowship was awarded to Nathan Pritchett of Tulsa, Oklahoma and to Pieter Verduijn of Calabas, Aruba.