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Antilles has always put people at the center of the energy conversation. Because we understand that the well-being of people everywhere depends on energy. Energy that is affordable, reliable and ever-cleaner.

Once an oil or gas well begins producing, the landowner or mineral rights owner is normally entitled to a percentage of the well’s production. A royalty is the agreed to percentage of the well’s production less the costs incurred during production.

Indirect investments such as corporate stocks, Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs), and energy-related mutual funds are liquid investments made in a publically traded company or a group of companies where you share in market-related growth potential.

Direct Investment with Antilles Oil & Gas allows you to be a part of a standard oil and gas industry joint venture. You can participate directly in all aspects of owning a stake in the revenues potentially generated from an oil and/or gas well.

At Antilles Oil & Gas, we are not out to prove anything by taking on undue risk to be a part of groundbreaking trends. We focus on proven areas with strong production history to ensure we help reduce our risks. When participating with us, each opportunity will have an accompanying Confidential Insurance Memorandum.

The deposit method available to investors is Cryptocuurency which has aids payment to be fast and easy. For special cases, we also provide direct bank deposits.

An investment into a drilling program will result in favorable tax benefits no matter the outcome. In the event of a dry hole, a write off is generally allowed for the entire amount invested for the tax year the investment was made.

Once a well begins producing, the first revenue check is generally distributed within 7 days depending on when production began in relation to the sale cycle for oil and gas in the area.

Direct investments in oil and gas exploration and production is a long-term investment strategy that, like most other long-term investments, benefits from diversification.

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Unless there is an official ban on such investment, investing in oil and gas will continue to be directed by the well-established and most potent indicator